What is CIMEA Comparabitliy and Verification Services?

Since its inception in 1984, CIMEA (Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence) has played a pivotal role in academic mobility and qualification recognition within Italy and beyond. As a key player in this field, CIMEA’s mission is to facilitate the understanding and comparability of educational qualifications, ensuring both Italian and international qualifications are appropriately recognized. It operates under the framework of the Lisbon Recognition Convention, which promotes the fair recognition of qualifications across Europe.

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Key Services Provided by CIMEA


CIMEA provides essential services through its advanced Diplome platform, which employs blockchain technology for secure, transparent, and immutable certification. The two primary services offered are the Statement of Comparability and the Statement of Verification.

Statement of Comparability

The Statement of Comparability evaluates a foreign qualification’s level relative to the Italian education system. The ordinary processing time for this service is 60 working days, but applicants can opt for an urgent procedure that reduces the processing time to 30 working days for an additional fee of €100. The cost for the ordinary procedure is €300.

Statement of Verification

The Statement of Verification, on the other hand, verifies the authenticity of a qualification. This process also takes 60 working days. The cost for this service is €65 per qualification, and there is no urgent procedure available.

These services are crucial for universities, students, researchers, international organizations, and public bodies, ensuring the authenticity and comparability of academic qualifications.

What is the Processing Time of CIMEA?

The processing time for your application will start only after CIMEA has received all the required documents for your qualification, as listed in the Required Docs Navigator. If any documents are missing from your dossier, you will be contacted directly through the Diplome platform with detailed instructions on how to submit the missing documents. Please be aware that the time spent requesting and receiving these documents does not count toward the processing time for your application.

Detailed Application Process for CIMEA

The application process for CIMEA’s services is streamlined through the Diplome platform. Here’s a detailed guide to navigating this process:

    1. Determine Eligibility

The first step is to determine the eligibility of your qualification using the Service Finder tool on the Diplome platform. This tool helps identify the appropriate service based on the country of the education system and the level of education.

    • Prepare Required Documents

Next, gather all necessary documentation as specified by the platform. This typically includes certified copies of your academic qualifications and other relevant documents.

    • Create an Account and Apply Online

After preparing your documents, create an account on the Diplome platform and complete the application process. It is crucial to provide all required information and documents to avoid delays in processing.

    • Monitor Application Status

Once your application is submitted, you can track its status through the Diplome platform. You will receive notifications when your statement has been issued.

CIMEA Deadlines and Service Interruptions in 2024

To effectively plan your submissions, be aware of the key dates when CIMEA services will be unavailable:

Service Downtime of CIMEA

The service will be inactive from July 22 to September 8, 2024, and from December 2, 2024, to February 2, 2025. During these periods, no new requests will be processed, although requests submitted before these dates will continue to be handled.

Document Handling Suspension

Additionally, the receipt and return of paper documents will be suspended from August 12 to August 25, 2024. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your submissions accordingly to avoid any delays.

Contact of CIMEA

Higher education institutions, as well as Italian and foreign administrations and organizations, can contact CIMEA at info@cimea.it. This email address is dedicated solely to inquiries about recognition procedures in the academic field. Requests related to the evaluation of academic qualifications, verification of the authenticity of academic documents, non-academic or professional recognition procedures, or any information already available on this website will not be considered.


CIMEA’s services are essential for anyone needing to verify or compare their academic qualifications in Italy. By understanding the application process, important deadlines, and the costs involved, you can navigate this critical aspect of academic and professional mobility effectively. For further information and to start your application, visit the Diplome platform.

Leveraging CIMEA’s expertise ensures that your academic credentials are accurately recognized, facilitating your educational and professional pursuits in Italy and internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to release my Statement?

The standard processing time for releasing a statement is 60 working days. For the Statement of Comparability, there is an option for an urgent procedure that reduces the time to 30 working days at an additional cost.

What are the costs of CIMEA services?

The Statement of Comparability costs €300, with an additional €100 for urgent processing, while the Statement of Verification costs €65.

What is an urgent procedure to apply CIMEA statement and compariability?

The urgent procedure is available for the Comparability service only and reduces the processing time to 30 working days. This option requires an additional fee of €100 on top of the basic service cost.

Can I switch to the urgent processing times after submitting my request?

No, it is only possible to select the urgent procedure at the time of applying for the services, not after the request has already been submitted.

Can I apply if I don’t have my final diploma yet?

CIMEA only evaluates final, officially issued qualifications. If you only have a provisional certificate, you should wait until you receive the final document to apply.

Can someone else apply on my behalf?

No, applications must be submitted by the qualification holder to comply with GDPR regulations.

What if no Statement of Comparability is available for my qualification?

In some cases, a Statement of Comparability may not be available due to reasons such as the non-official status of the institution, lack of certification, or substantial differences according to the Lisbon Convention. CIMEA will issue a Statement of Denial explaining the reasons.

What do you mean by Education History?

Education History refers to the information about your previous studies provided during the application process. This helps CIMEA’s Credential Evaluators to analyze and assess your qualifications more effectively.

Can I get hard copies of my Statements?

No, CIMEA issues all statements digitally via the Diplome platform.

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