Bachelor Scholarships in Political Science – Full Guide 2023  

Did you complete the higher school diploma, have a background in Political Science, and searching for further opportunities? Here is a list of Bachelor scholarships in Political science with a complete guide of universities offering English-taught bachelor’s degrees in political science.

Politics is studied scientifically in political science. It is a social science that studies systems of power and governance and the analysis of political institutions, political philosophy, political conduct, and related constitutions and laws.

Comparative politics, international relations, and political theory are the three subdisciplines of modern political science that can be broadly categorized. Political methodology, domestic politics and government, political economics, and public policy and administration are additional noteworthy subdisciplines. Politics also interacts with and draws on the disciplines of economics, law, sociology, history, philosophy, human geography, political anthropology, and psychology.

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What you learn in Political Science Degree

Political science employs various methodologies rooted in social science, political philosophy, and psychology. There are several different methodologies, such as positivism, interpretivism, rational choice theory, behaviorism, structuralism, post-structuralism, realism, institutionalism, and pluralism.

As one of the social sciences, political science employs approaches and techniques that are appropriate for the types of inquiries being made: primary sources, such as official records and historical documents, and secondary sources, such as scholarly journal articles, survey research, statistical analysis, case studies, and model development.

Scope of Political Science Degree in Future Career

After completing the degree in Political Science, you can perform the following roles in Government, Semi-Government, Non-for Profit organizations, and Research Institutes. Let’s explore all the roles and responsibilities to be performed by a Graduated in Political Science.

Public Relation Specialist

Public relations specialists’ responsibilities include presenting an organization to the public in a positive light. Competitors, clients, and potential partners are all part of the environment. They frequently host news conferences, develop several public outreach initiatives, and, in the event of a reputation problem, work to restore the organization’s image.

Public Policy Analyst

Analysts of public policy examine and research public policies that have been adopted or proposed by a government, as well as their long-term effects and applicability. Political Analysts can use the broad scope of political science because political science teaches students about the many policies that have been implemented throughout history. In addition to holding higher positions in government roles in ministries, these analysts are also stationed in think tanks.

Political Consultants

Political consultants are very knowledgeable about the social and political climate of the general public at the level where they work. These are frequently recruited by politicians and potential candidates to help them develop their public image and to guide them in choosing the best course of action in certain circumstances. It is a very dynamic position that falls under the broad career umbrella of political science and can open up countless career vistas as the consultant gains expertise and establishes a solid professional reputation.

Researcher in Political Science

The scope of political science research is extremely broad. After earning their degree, students have the option of continuing with a Master’s degree leading to a Ph.D. in political science. These doctoral programs emphasize domain-specific research and encourage students to contribute to the body of political science literature. Some people might even decide to pursue a full-time career in research while earning many PhDs over the course of their lifetimes by serving as faculty at renowned universities. They could be considered the most knowledgeable experts in the field of political science.

List of Universities for Bachelor Scholarships in Political Science – English-Taught

Bachelor Scholarships in Political Science in Italy

Here is the list of Universities in Italy that offer Bachelor Scholarships in Political Science in the English language:

  • University of Milan
  •  Bologna University
  • Messina University

Bachelor Scholarships in Political Science at the University of Milan

At the University of Milan, the Bachelor’s Program in International Politics, Law, and Economics is a three-year, English-taught program that provides interdisciplinary instruction in political science, law, economics, history, and sociology with a focus on the political, economic, and legal aspects of the current international context.

All of the courses in this program have an international and comparative focus that strives to help students grasp and critically evaluate the intricacies of the contemporary world while also helping them understand and interpret it.

3 Years 180 English
YesAdmission Test
12 years Diploma

Bachelor Scholarship in European Studies at the Bologna University

Eight of the top institutions in Europe came together to form Una Europa, the European University Alliance, and collaboratively establish BAES, the Bachelor of Arts in European Studies.
This cutting-edge degree program is specially created with a multidisciplinary and multilinguistic approach, encouraging students to think about the role of Europe and European Integration and master the research skills needed to analyze important issues related to Europe. The wide mobility program offered by BAES strives to expose students to distinct European locations and cultures and teach them about the continent.

For detailed information, click here.

3 Years 180 English
Tuition Fees Weavier also available
12 years of education in relevant programs. An assessment will be conducted

Bachelor Scholarships in Political Science, Economics, and Social Sciences at the Bologna University

A global undergraduate degree course offered in English is called Economics, Politics, and Social Sciences.
The course gives students interdisciplinary training that enables them to analyze the various dimensions of economic, political, and social reality on both a national and international level. In addition to management and legal training exercises, the course includes core economics and political science instruction. It also offers the quantitative abilities required for social science empirical analysis. Students in the third year can select from one of three paths, including data analysis, public economics, and management, or global political economy.

In addition to economic and political science, the course prepares students to become professionals in the management of both public and private organizations. Visit the website to learn more about how to enroll.

3 Years 180 English
Tuition Fees Weavier also available
12 years of education  SAT – General test score OR English TOLC-E score

Bachelor Scholarships in Political Science at Messina University

The degree program in political science and international relations aims to provide a fundamental multidisciplinary education, particularly in the scientific domains of historical-political, legal-internationalistic, and economic-social.

This is done to provide professionals with the specialized training and cultural foundation they need to work in national and supranational settings. Figures that can, thus, carry out the actions of employees and employees in businesses operating in Europe and abroad. English-taught required courses are another feature of the three-year CDs.

The primary goal of the training program is the acquisition of multidisciplinary abilities. It offers the sociopolitical, economic-juridical, linguistic, and historical-institutional tools necessary to analyze and manage intricate organizational structures in politics and the worldwide economy; read more.

3 Years 180 English
B2 or English Proficiency Certificate also accepted
Yes, Tuition Fees Weavier also available 12 years of education

Final Words!

Conclusively, four universities offer bachelor scholarships in Political Science with scholarships or tuition fees waiver. You can visit the website of each university to know their process and timeline for submitting admission applications and scholarship requirements.


How valuable is a political science bachelor’s degree?

For many students, a political science degree is worthwhile. Jobs in the life, physical, and social sciences are expected to expand by 5% over the next 10 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What are political science’s primary objectives?

Its objectives include developing theoretical tools for analyzing politically significant phenomena and expanding human understanding of the types and dynamics of political action. The topic of study focuses on the conventional spheres of national public life, including democracy, legislatures, politicians, elections, and the executive branch of government.

What makes political science worthwhile to study?

A strong foundation for effective citizenship is provided by political science. Students gain a solid understanding of the value of political engagement through studying political science, which also equips them with the skills necessary to participate in local and national politics.

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