How to Study in Italy for Free in 2023 | Complete Guide

How to study in Italy for free, a common concern among students? Yes, free education is provided to international students in Italy. Those who want to attend university without breaking the bank with massive amounts choose Italian universities.

International students from various academic disciplines, such as the humanities, sciences, management, law, engineering, and so forth, are offered free education by Italian universities. Applying for the numerous scholarships given by some top institutions across all subject areas will allow international students to receive a free education in Italy. Additionally, there are chances to continue your education.

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Study in Italy for Free in Top Universities with Fully Funded Scholarship

The Italian public and private universities offer numerous grants to students from abroad. For graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students, these scholarship opportunities are accessible. Non-EU students can study in Italy for free through scholarships or tuition fee waivers.

The duration and amount of merit-based scholarships that Italian universities give differ from institution to institution. The amount of private organization scholarships varies from organization to organization and is frequently provided for particular courses or programs. The same applies to government scholarships offered at the national and municipal levels, for which international students can apply and receive a free education in Italy.

The following scholarships are available for foreign students to study in Italy for free:

  • Merit-Based Scholarships
  • Government Scholarship (Regional)
  • Erasmus Programs
  • University Grants
  • Talent Grants
  • University Awards

Italian Universities QS  World University Ranking 2022

S#World RankInstitution
1142  Polytechnic University of Milan 
2166  University of Bologna 
3171  University of Rome – La Sapienza 
4242  University of Padua 
5316  University of Milan 
6334  Polytechnic University of Turin 
7388  University of Pisa 
8390  Vita-Salute San Raffaele University 
9424  University of Naples Federico II 
10440  University of Trento 
11450  University of Milan – Bicocca 
12451  University of Florence 
13485  University of Turin 
14494  University of Rome – Tor Vergata 
15551-560   Catholic University of the Sacred Heart 
16561-570   University of Pavia 
17601-650   University of Genoa 
18601-650   University of Siena 
19651-700   Free University of Bozen-Bolzano  
20651-700   University of Trieste 
21701-750   Polytechnic University of Bari 
22701-750   University of Modena 
23751-800   University of Brescia 
24751-800   University of Perugia 
25801-1000  Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
26801-1000   Roma Tre University 
27801-1000   University of Bari 
28801-1000   University of Catania 
29801-1000   University of Ferrara 
30801-1000   University of Messina 
31801-1000   University of Palermo 
32801-1000   University of Parma 
33801-1000   University of Salerno 
34801-1000   University of Udine 
35801-1000   University of Verona 
36801-1000   Marche Polytechnic University 
37801-1000   Parthenope University of Naples 

How can non-Eu students study in Italy for free?

Non-EU students can receive a free education in Italy. To receive a free education in Italy, non-EU students can qualify for various scholarships. Your academic record must be spotless and distinguished if you want to receive an excellent scholarship to pay for your entire education in Italy. To achieve this, you must commence your academic career by working diligently and with clear concepts in your chosen fields. Your academic standing and filed applications are the first things the judging body sees about you.

Free Education in Italy for Master’s Courses

Study in Italy for Free

Your job will benefit significantly from taking a Master’s program in Italy. Many Italian universities are among the best in the world, and Italy is well known for its top-notch educational institutions. Studying abroad for a Master’s degree in Italy can be a transformative experience that will help you progress in your career.

If you want to study in Italy for free, various programs can be selected from top-ranked universities. If you’re considering getting your master’s degree overseas, you should consider living in Italy. Given that master’s programs in Italy are offered for free and last two years, the country is very cheap for students.

A grant application must be well-structured; the secret to improving it is to start working on it early. Your present rate of progress is still indicated by this performance evaluation tool. You’ll have a better application by the end of your semester if you update and change your pre-made application on schedule.

How Can I Study in Italy for Free? | Applicaiton Process

Applying for the finest scholarships is an essential factor to studying in Italy for free. Both full scholarships and tuition price waivers are offered as part of the scholarships offered by many prestigious Italian colleges. You can obtain free education in Italy by following these easy procedures.

Study in Italy for Free complete process

Step one: Search University

Find universities those offer degree programs for your subject. You can also explore the List of top universities in Italy or universities that offer English-taught degree programs.

Step two: Submit the application

After finding a university, apply to your desired university. Once you have shortlisted the universities, follow the deadlines to submit the admission application according to admission requirements. If you fulfill the criteria, you will get an offer letter from the university.

Step three: Get a Pre-Enrollment Summary

You can register at and apply for a pre-enrollment summary.

Step four: Get DOV or CIMEA

The process to acquire a DOV (Declaration of Value) or CIMEA (Statements of Comparability and Verification of Qualifications) to compare your degrees takes place to compare your education with the Italian education system. Read the complete guideline for processing CIMEA online.

Step Five: Apply for the Scholarship

Each year, from June to July, scholarships in Italy are announced; follow the guidelines for your university and apply for the scholarship. You can get the results of your scholarship in August or September.

Step Six: Submit Visa Application

Finally, you have fulfilled the requirement for submitting a visa file through the Italian Embassy or consulate in your home country.

Hence, this was the complete process we shared with you to study in Italy for free. You can reach us through the “contact us” form for further information. We will be pleased to help you reach your future destination for higher studies.

Final Words!

We have enlisted all steps to study in Italy for free for international students. I hope you have got a lot of information about the top-ranked universities, opportunities for foreign students, and the process of studying in Italy for free from this blog.


How much finance do I need to study in Italy?

As a self-financed student, you must calculate financial resources according to tuition fees and living expenses (accommodation, food, transport, communication, shopping, and leisure activities). Students on a self-finance basis must have 7,000 to 10,000 euros per year to study and live in Italy. 

Does Italy offer scholarships to international students?

The Italian government or universities provide the majority of funding choices. University grants, however, are another option for extra financial assistance.

Are bachelor’s degrees free in Italian universities?

In Italy, tuition costs are determined by each particular institution. Nevertheless, the typical cost of a bachelor’s degree program at a public university range from 900 to 4,000 euros per year. Some schools charge higher fees, between 3000 and 6000 euros. If any student has a higher score on High School Diploma/Certificate and he/she passes the entry test at the university, they can also win the scholarship. 

How do I register in Italy for a scholarship worth  5200 euros?

After fulfilling the admission application’s initial steps and meeting eligibility criteria, students need a family income certificate for a scholarship. After winning a scholarship, students will receive a stipend of 5200 Euros per year, similar to the 100% grant. (This amount may be increased subject to the announced call in 2023/2024)

Who is qualified for an Italian scholarship?

Generally, the minimum criteria for admission are having a degree in a relevant subject and an English Proficiency Certificate or IELTS.  In 2023-2024 the requirement for admission is changed, e.g., University Padova has set the criteria of 3+ CGPA. Students must check the requirements for their desired university. Once the admission process is complete, the scholarship criteria are an economic condition that can be proved through an income certificate issued by an authorized department.

Can we get a full fee waiver in Italy to study for free?

Yes, students with low income per year can get a fee waiver from the university. Students should contact segreteria (secretariat) of the university to know the process and submit documents.

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