PhD Scholarship in Italy Bicocca University Milan – 39th Call

Milan-Bicocca’s Doctoral School is interdisciplinary, with about 700 students registered in each cycle. These doctoral programs are “innovative” because they are industrial, interdisciplinary, and foreign in scope. Our university dedicates about 30% of its doctoral programs in the social, behavioral, biological, medical, economic, and legal sciences to fostering collaborative research initiatives with industry. PhD scholarship in Italy Bicocca Univeristy for international students has been announced through 39th Ph.d Call.

Six doctoral programs currently have arrangements for a double degree to be awarded in their field. About a quarter of the members of the Academic Boards are non-U.S. citizens who work in academia, industry, and government.

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Subjects for 39th Ph.D. Scholarship Call – PhD Scholarship in Italy Bicocca University

PhD Scholarship in Italy Bicocca University
  • Analysis of Social and Economic Processes (ASEP)
  • Cultural and Social Anthropology Business for Society Economics, Statistics and Data Science
  • Education in Contemporary Society
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Computer science
  • Molecular and Translational Medicine – DIMET Neuroscience
  • Psychology, Linguistics and Cognitive Neurosciences
  • Public Health Epidemiology, Statistics and Economics
  • Materials Science and Nanotechnology
  • Chemical, Geological and Environmental Sciences
  • Legal Sciences
  • Converging Technologies for Biomolecular Systems (TeCSBi)
  • URBEUR-Urban Studies

Please find the complete list of subjects here.

Requirements for 39th PhD Scholarship Call – PhD Scholarship in Italy Bicocca University

PhD Scholarship in Italy Bicocca University

There are no limitations on citizenship status for those who meet the following requirements for admission:

  1. A degree from an Italian university (second cycle degree);
  2. A degree earned following the laws in effect before Ministerial Decree no. 509/1999 (old system degree);
  3. A master’s degree from a school in the AFAM (advanced artistic and musical education) sector
  4. A degree earned in another country is equivalent to the Italian degree required for admission to the course in terms of study time, academic level, and field.

The Selection Board is responsible for determining the relevance of international credentials. If the Degree is deemed ineligible, the candidate will be disqualified.

Those who have not completed their degree requirements by October 31, 2023, are eligible to apply to both Sessions. If an admitted student fails to fulfill this condition, they will no longer be eligible for enrollment. Candidates who have not yet earned their degree must inform the Doctoral School Sector ( of the date and grade of the degree earned no later than 3 November 2023, along with a copy of their Degree or, if they are Italian or EU citizens, a statement in lieu of certification.

Required Documents to upload for 39th Call – PhD Scholarship in Italy Bicocca University

The following documents are required to upload with the application:

  • Identity Document
  • Passport size Photograph
  • Curriculum Vitae (Euro-pass Format)
  • Research Proposal
  • Transcripts
  • Degree
  • Publications
  • Reference Details (share name and email address of referee)

Requirement for Research Proposal

In addition, applicants must submit their research proposal, which must be written in English and should be written as per specified guidelines in Phd Call. The project must include a title, research proposal, reference literature, research methodology, and anticipated results.

How to submit 39th Ph.D. Scholarship Call – PhD Scholarship in Italy Bicocca University

The steps to apply are divided into two parts:

Step -1 Registration on the website s3w portal

  • Students are given a username and a password after this step; however, if the applicant already possesses the access credentials for the private area (for instance, if he or she is a student or a former student of Milano-Bicocca University), he or she can skip this step. In the event that the candidate is accepted into the Ph.D. program, these credentials will be required at a later period for registration.

Step-2 Filling out the application

  • The student should fill in their personal information, academic record, and desired field for the doctorate program, attach all required documents, and submit the application.

All applicants must submit their applications online, straight from the website of the University of Milano-Bicocca, in order to participate in the admission test. To do so, they must access the Online Registry’s Office – admission test.

Note: There will be no need to hand transport any paper documents to the offices.

Information about the Admission test:

Each Program’s admissions requirements can be found in the Description sheets XXXIX cycle“.

Candidates are chosen based on the evaluation of their credentials in addition to an oral test, the specifics of which are determined by each individual school’s Academic Board.

There is open access to oral exams. The Committee of Selection has a total of 80 points available.

The evaluation of credentials receives a total of 20 points. The Selection Board will evaluate your qualifications before you go through with the formal interview. A minimum score may be required to access the oral examination for each Program, as stated on the applicable description sheet of a PhD Program. Candidates will not be allowed to proceed to the oral test if the required score in the evaluation of titles is not met.

How to check the Outcomes of the 39th  PhD Scholarship Call

The results of the evaluation of the credentials, including a summary of the exam-day applicants, will be posted on the University’s website at

This publishing serves as legal notice for all intents and purposes.

The oral test is worth a total of 60 points. To pass the oral test and become qualified, you need to score at least 40 points.

The total score is determined by adding the results of the open examination to those of the qualifications evaluation.

Deadline to apply for PhD Scholarship in Italy Bicocca University 2023

The application deadline for PhD programs in their 39th term has been announced.

There are two rounds of admissions testing and selection:

  • Session I: open from 21 March 2023 – deadline for submitting applications 19 April 2023 at 12:00;
  • Session II: open from 30 June 2023 – deadline for submitting applications 24 July 2023 at 12:00.

Scholarship for Disable Students – Candidates with disabilities (DIS) or with Specific Learning Difficulties (DSA)

Applicants who have a disability or who have been diagnosed with a particular learning disability can request an accommodation by providing documentation of their disability along with their application.

In accordance with Law 118 of 30 March 1971 (civil disability), the certification of incapacity must come from INPS; in accordance with Law 104/92, as modified, it must come from the local public health authority; and in accordance with Law 118 of 30 March 1971 (civil disability), it must come from INPS. (disability statement)

The DSA must:  comply with the criteria set by the Consensus Conference (2011);  contain the nosographic codes, the express name of the specific learning difficulty in question; contain the information necessary to understand the individual characteristics with indications of areas of strength and weakness;  be issued by facilities of the NHC or by institutions or professionals accredited by the Regions and not more than 3 years if performed before the student entered the NHC.

Final Words

the opportunities for PhD scholarships for International Students are available in Italy. In 2023, Italian universities are rolling out the 39th Ph.D Scholarship Call.

Milan-Bicocca’s Doctoral School has announced a Doctorate admission call for the year 2023. Do not miss the opportunity and apply before the deadline.


Which universities in Italy have announced the 39th PHD call?

In March 2023, the following universities announced their 39th call of PHD scholarships for international students:
-University of Bologna
– University of Milan – Bicocca
– Pisa University
– Politecnico di Torino

What is the deadline to apply for 39th Ph.D call for the scholarship at Bicocca University Milan?

The deadline of Bicocca University for PHD scholarship for international students and domestic students is:
Session I: open from 21 March 2023 – deadline for submitting applications 19 April 2023 at 12:00;
Session II: open from 30 June 2023 – deadline for submitting applications 24 July 2023 at 12:00.

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