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The University of Aosta Valley is a renowned institution of higher education known for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic student development. The university is situated in the beautiful Aosta Valley region and provides a unique and inspiring learning environment.

The University of Valle d’Aosta is a young, active institution with strong regional ties to Valle d’Aosta and a focus on Europe. Every student has a real chance to complete study and work abroad experiences thanks to a vast network of connections with institutions and international organizations. Academic partnerships and global scientific research initiatives round out the strategic framework and are reflected in teaching.


The Università Della Valle d’Aosta, established in 2000, is a center for education and research with a continual eye on the surrounding area and an eye toward Europe. Plans for the University, which were started in 1997, were sparked by the need to provide everyone with access to modern higher education as well as by the desire to found a facility devoted to knowledge creation and dissemination, a platform for interaction and social, cultural, and economic growth, and ultimately the development of the local-global system. Since the University’s founding seventeen years ago, its curriculum has expanded dramatically to include degree programs from two departments with over 1200 students. History of the University of Aosta Valley

Departments of the University of Aosta Valley

  1. Department of Economic and Political Sciences
  2. Department of Humanities and Social Science

The Department of Economic and Political Sciences at Aosta Valley University provides students with a strong foundation in economics, international relations, public policy, and political science. The faculty members encourage critical thinking and analysis of complex economic and political issues, preparing graduates for careers in related fields.

The Department of Humanities and Social Science offers diverse academic programs in literature, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and linguistics. Students gain a deep understanding of human cultures and societies, develop critical thinking skills, and engage in research. Graduates pursue careers in education, research, journalism, cultural institutions, and social advocacy.

Degree Programs of the University of Aosta Valley

The university offers diverse academic programs across various disciplines, including arts, sciences, humanities, and communication. Students can engage in interdisciplinary studies, allowing them to explore different fields and broaden their knowledge and skills.

Bachelor’s degree Programs (Laurea)

  • Language and Communication for Business and Tourism
  • Psychological Science and Techniques
  • Economics and Business Management
  • Economics and Management
  • Political Sciences and International Relations

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Master’s Degree Programs (Laurea Magistrale)

  • Economics and Territorial and Enterprise Policies
  • Primary Education Science

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Research Opportunity at Aosta Valley University

In each pillar, namely the one devoted to “Global challenges and European industrial competitiveness,” Horizon Europe intends to integrate the humanities and social sciences (SSH) fully. This makes humanities and social sciences a cross-cutting and integrated concern throughout the Framework Programme.

Even though Cluster 2, “Culture, creativity, and inclusive society,” is where the humanities and social sciences are most prevalent, Horizon Europe also has humanities and social sciences research fields.

Ranking of University of Aosta Valley

        #8204 of 14,131In the World (
        #1924 of 2,785In Europe (
        #83 of 88In Italy (

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Scholarship opportunities at the University of Aosta Valley

The cost of study is one of the critical considerations when choosing study programs. Fortunately, there are several ways to support students in paying for their degree programs. Explore university funding and external scholarships offered by the University of Aosta Valley:

  • Prix ​​d’Excellence in memory of Luigi Merivot 
  • Award of Univda/Rotary scholarships 
  • Net Economy’s Got Talent scholarship
  • Domestic Workers’ Families Association – DOMINA thesis award 
  • Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce degree award “Profiles of female entrepreneurship”
  • Legacoop Agroalimentare Award for thesis on the fish supply chain  
  • Valeria Solesin Award 2023 – 7th Edition
  • Joint building body – Study grant 
  • Murmura Prize 2023 
  • Carpené Malvolti degree award for theses on century-old companies 
  • National Union of Consumers – Vincenzo Dona Award
  • Graduation Thesis Lef Award
  • Young Academics Award


In conclusion, the University of Aosta Valley provides a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment for students to pursue their academic and personal goals. With its commitment to excellence, research, inclusivity, and global engagement, the university equips students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to succeed in their chosen fields and positively impact society.


Which is the best public university in Aosta Valley, Italy?

The University of Aosta Valley is the best public university in Aosta Valley.

What is the acceptance rate of Aosta Valley, Italy?

The acceptance rate of Asota Valley is 79%.

Is Aosta Valley University offers English-taught programs?

Aosta Valley University offers all programs in the Italian Language.

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