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The University of Bologna is a prestigious institution of higher learning known for its academic excellence, innovative research, and commitment to student success. In this article, we will explore the background, departments and faculties, scholarship opportunities, types of study programs offered, admission intake, QS ranking, and the location and facilities of the University of Bologna.


The Bologna University, founded in 1088, is considered the oldest university in the Western world. It has played a pivotal role in shaping the European education system, with a rich history of academic achievements and contributions to various fields. The university is located in Bologna, Italy, and offers various undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in different disciplines.

Departments and Faculties

The University of Bologna has 23 departments and 11 schools covering various subjects. Some of the leading faculties include Medicine, Engineering, Law, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The university is known for its interdisciplinary approach, allowing students to explore different fields and collaborate on various research projects.

  • Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • Economics and Management
  • Education
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Humanities
  • Languages and Literature, Interpreting and Translation
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy and Biotechnology
  • Political Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Sport Sciences
  • Statistics
  • Veterinary Medicine

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Types of Study Programs Offered

The University of Bologna offers a wide range of study programs, including Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. There are also several joint degree programs, allowing students to obtain a degree from two or more partner institutions. Additionally, the university offers professional development and continuing education courses for lifelong learners.

Admission Intake

The University of Bologna has a rolling admission policy, with multiple intakes throughout the academic year. However, specific deadlines may apply to individual programs or departments. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the university’s official website for the most up-to-date information on application deadlines and admission requirements. Check out the exact dates for intake on the website of the University of Bologna.

QS Ranking

The Bologna University consistently ranks among the top universities globally, currently placed at 160th position in the QS World University Rankings 2021. The university is renowned for its research output, international outlook, and strong academic reputation.

“QS Ranking: 22 subjects taught at the University of Bologna are in the world’s top 100 and 13 are number one in Italy”

QS World University Rankings by Subject 

Scholarship Opportunities


The University of Bologna offers numerous scholarships and financial aid options for both local and international students. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, financial need, or a combination of both. Some scholarships are specifically designed for international students, encouraging cultural exchange and academic collaboration.

The University of Bologna is committed to supporting students in their pursuit of higher education by offering various scholarships and financial aid opportunities. Detailed information can be found at Some of the key scholarship opportunities include:

  1. Study Grants for International Students: The university offers annual study grants to international students who wish to enroll in a degree program at the University of Bologna. These grants are awarded based on the applicant’s academic merit and financial need.
  2. Unibo Action 1&2 – SAT and GRE Scholarships: These scholarships are designed for international students who have taken the SAT or GRE test and demonstrate outstanding academic performance. The scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate programs.
  3. Regional Scholarships (ER.GO): ER.GO scholarships are provided by the Emilia-Romagna Region and are designed to assist students with financial needs. These scholarships are open to Italian and international students enrolled in a degree program at the Bologna University
  4. Italian Government Scholarships: The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) offers scholarships for international students to study in Italy. These scholarships are available for various programs and levels of study, including undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses.
  5. Departmental Scholarships and Research Grants: Several departments within the Bologna University offer scholarships and research grants to students enrolled in their programs. These opportunities are typically based on academic merit and can be awarded at the undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate level.
  6. Other Scholarships and Financial Aid: The University of Bologna also collaborates with various organizations, foundations, and institutions to offer additional scholarships and financial aid opportunities for students. These can include scholarships based on academic merit, research projects, or specific fields of study.

Students are encouraged to visit the University of Bologna’s official website and consult with the relevant departments to obtain detailed information about the available scholarships and financial aid opportunities. By offering a wide range of support options, the university aims to help students overcome financial barriers and achieve their academic goals.

Location and Facilities

The University of Bologna is situated in the historic city of Bologna, Italy, offering students the chance to experience a rich cultural heritage while pursuing their academic goals. The university has multiple campuses throughout the city, each featuring state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, research laboratories, libraries, and recreational areas. The university also offers various accommodation options catering to the diverse needs of its students.

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Final Words!

In conclusion, the Bologna University stands out as an institution with a long-standing history, academic excellence, and an international focus. With its wide range of programs, scholarship opportunities, and modern facilities, the university continues to attract students from all over the world, fostering an environment that nurtures growth, innovation, and collaboration.


When was the University of Bologna founded?

Bologna University was founded in 1088, making it the oldest university in the Western world.

What is the tuition fee for international students at the University of Bologna?

Tuition fees at the University of Bologna vary depending on the program and the student’s country of origin. For specific information, students should visit the university’s official website or contact the relevant department.

How many campuses does the Bologna University have?

The University of Bologna has multiple campuses throughout the city of Bologna, each dedicated to different disciplines and faculties. The university also has satellite campuses in other cities such as Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna, and Rimini.

What is the acceptance rate at Bologna University?

The acceptance rate at the University of Bologna varies depending on the program and the number of applicants. The university does not publish a general acceptance rate, so prospective students should consult individual departments for more specific information.

What are the language requirements for international students at Bologna University?

The language requirements for international students depend on the program they wish to enroll in. Most programs require proficiency in Italian, while some programs are taught entirely in English. Students should check the specific language requirements for their desired program on the university’s website.

Is the University of Bologna a public or private institution?

The University of Bologna is a public university, funded by the Italian government and the European Union.

Are there any student exchange programs available at the University of Bologna?

Yes, the University of Bologna participates in various international exchange programs, such as Erasmus+, allowing students to study at partner institutions across Europe and around the world.

What are the housing options for students at the University of Bologna?

The University of Bologna offers a range of housing options, including university residences, private apartments, and shared accommodations. Students can also seek assistance from the university’s Housing Office, which provides guidance and support in finding suitable accommodations.

Does the University of Bologna offer distance learning or online courses?

The University of Bologna offers some distance learning and online courses, particularly for professional development and continuing education. However, most degree programs require on-campus attendance. Students should consult the relevant department for specific information about online course offerings.

What is the University of Bologna’s ranking among global universities?

The University of Bologna is ranked 160th in the QS World University Rankings 2021, reflecting its strong academic reputation, research output, and international outlook.

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