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Do you want to perform a leading role in a business firm in the future? Still, you are searching for a Master Scholarship in Business Administration; here, we have enlisted top universities in Italy to achieve your targets. Read the complete article to explore the university and its requirements.

A business administration degree program covers various topics, from marketing and accounting to human resources and economics, as well as mathematics, business law, finance, and ethics. While related majors and degrees may zero in on one facet of the business, like management, business administration encompasses all of these areas and more, giving students a complete picture of what it takes to run a corporation efficiently.

Aspiring business owners, monetary advisers, business consultants, market research analysts, and many more can all benefit from a business administration education.

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What job can you get after a Master in Business Administration

Master Scholarship in Business Administration

You will be valuable to nearly any corporation with a solid understanding of business principles and procedures and appropriate work experience. There is probably a position in a business that suits your interests and skills, whether you like interacting with people, figuring out complex problems, or working with numbers.

Human resources can be a rewarding field of work for those who thrive when interacting with others. You may succeed in a sales position if you enjoy competing with others. Those who thrive on the challenge of analyzing complex situations and developing workable solutions may enjoy careers as business analysts or consultants. If you excel in mathematics, you may want to consider finance or data analysis careers.

After completing Degree of master’s in Business Administraion and depending o upon the different curricula, you can get the following jobs in the market:

  • Business Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Chief Finance officer
  • Human Resource eManager
  • Logistics Manager

Skills Required with Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Experts in business administration make it their mission to maximize productivity and wealth creation for their employers. You’ll need expertise in many areas to pull this off successfully. Business Administration Majors can be Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, IT, and Marketing.

A career in business administration calls for both analytical prowess and “soft skills” including the ability to effectively convey ideas, influence others, provide constructive criticism, and deliver compelling and interesting presentations. Accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and information technology are all areas that business professionals should have a working knowledge of, and many choose to specialize further in.

Those who make it in the corporate world should also have excellent communication skills. In the business world, teamwork and collaborative ventures are commonplace. Being a dependable team player who coworkers and managers can rely on is just as important as being able to handle heavy workloads. Experts in business administration make it their mission to maximize productivity and wealth creation for their employers. You’ll need expertise in many areas to pull this off successfully.

List of Universities for Master Scholarship in Business Administration

Here we have prepared a list of universities that offers Master’s Scholarship in Business Administration:

  • Tor Vergata
  • University of Bergamo
  • Turin University / Universita di Torino

Master Scholarship in Business Administration at Tor Vergata University

The two-year Master of Science in Business Administration (Laurea Magistrale-LM 77) is international, practice-oriented, and job-market-driven.

It gives students a solid management base and lets them choose from seven specializations divided by field of expertise, preparing them for their profession. Lectures, discussions, and group projects comprise the 2-year Master of Science.
General framework classes include General Management, Managerial Accounting, Organizational Dynamics and Behaviour, Managerial Finance, Business Statistics, Economics for Business, and International Commercial Law.

The student chooses from “Controlling and Auditing,” “Marketing and Sales Management,” “Management Consulting,” “Entrepreneurship,” “Supply Chain Management,” “Human Resources Management,” and “Social Innovation and Government” specialization classes. Company testimonial seminars teach students about business methods and techniques. Students are enabled to complete in-company internships in their second year.

Click the link to see the deadlines and other requirements and procedures.

2 Years120EnglishYesNo, English Proficiency Certificate accepted Three years bachelor’s degree in Administration and Organisation Sciences. Economics Management with 80% or above grades

Master Scholarship in Business Administration at the University of Bergamo

As part of the University of Bergamo’s International program, the Master of Science in Business Administration, Professional, and Managerial Accounting is split between two tracks, one taught in Italian and the other in English.

The English-taught Accounting, Accountability, and Governance (AAG) curriculum features two “Majors”:

  • Sustainability, Accountability, and Governance (SAG)
  • Financial Accounting for International Professionals (FAIP)

This course aims to equip students with the managerial skills they’ll need to aid businesses, government agencies, and other organizations in meeting the difficulties of today’s society.

Deadlines to apply:

First call: February 8th – February 16th 2023
Second Call: March 8th – March 17th 2023

Click the link to see the procedure and requirements.

2 Years120EnglishYesNo, 6 ECT of English, 6 months course of English, English Proficiency accepted Three years bachelor’s degree in Economics, Business Management with 80% or above grades

Master Scholarship in Business Administration at Turin University

Master Scholarship in Business Administration at Turin Univrsity

The Department of Management’s new 2-year postgraduate program is a Master of Business Administration (LM 77, or “laurea magistrale in Business Administration” in Italian).

In the second year, students can focus on either Finance & Accounting or Business Management & International Marketing, two of the program’s significant concentrations.

Internships and capstone projects are required to graduate from the program. All students should have a fresh chance to combine classroom learning with real-world experience by having their projects hinge only on direct participation in an organization’s operations.

Studying in English with a global perspective is only half the international exposure students receive; they also take seminars with international students and guest lecturers, participate in exchange programs with Erasmus and extra-EU partners, and complete internships at major companies and outside of Italy.

Deadline to apply:

16 April 2023

2 Years120EnglishYesB2 48 ECTs in Business Administration, Economics, Law, Mathematics, Statistics
OR GMAT or GRE Certificate

Final Words!

We have enlisted all the renowned universities in Italy offering a two-year Master’s Scholarship in Business Administration. The academic requirements are similar; visit the website for information about deadlines.

Good luck searching and applying for the Master’s Scholarship in Business Administration in Italy.


Which universities offer Master’s scholarships in Business Administration in Italy?

The following universities offer master scholarships in Business administration in Italy:
– Tor Vergata
– University of Bergamo
– Turin University

Is IELTS necessary to apply for Master Scholarship in Business Administration?

Depending upon the requirement, IELTS is not necessary if the official language of the former university is English, you have completed a course in English, or you belong to countries where English is the official Langauge. Besides these situations, you must submit the English Language Proficiency Stadarside Report with the B2 band.

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