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Are you searching for Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship in Italy? Computer science degrees are designed to teach students the fundamental mathematical and scientific principles underpinning computers and their programs.

Earning a degree in computer science will allow you to learn how to create software and hardware, as well as different programming languages, data structures, and concepts related to artificial intelligence. Courses in mathematics, statistics, or engineering are often prerequisites for obtaining degrees in computer science.

Various educational institutions, including universities and colleges, now offer programs in computer science master degree and other associated subjects, such as computer engineering. Some may also provide education leading to degrees in information technology or offer information technology specializations within computer science. Noe, the question is, what do you learn from them, and which should you choose?

Requirements for Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship

Depending on the particular scholarship program and the university granting it, the criteria for a computer science master’s degree scholarship can change. Nonetheless, the following standards are typical:

  • Academic success: Most scholarship opportunities need solid academic credentials from applicants, typically with a minimum GPA criterion.
  • Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in computer science, computer engineering, or a related discipline is required of applicants.
  • Standardized exam results: Several scholarship programs demand GRE or GMAT scores from applicants.
  • English Language Proficiency: Foreign students may be required to provide TOEFL or IELTS results to prove their fluency in the language of instruction (often English).
  • Letters of Recommendations: Most scholarship applications include a request for letters of recommendation from professors or employers who can attest to the candidates’ academic or professional qualifications.
  • Writing a Statement of Purpose (SOP): Candidates might be required to provide a statement outlining their academic and professional goals and how the scholarship will help them reach them.
  • Work Experience: Scholarship applicants with relevant computer science work experience may be preferred by several scholarship programs.

It’s crucial to remember that these prerequisites cannot be all-inclusive, so applicants should always check the specific prerequisites of the scholarship program they are interested in.

Career Opportunities after completing Computer Science Master Degree

Those with a master’s degree in computer science have many professional options. Several of the most well-liked and lucrative career options in this area are as follows:

  • A software engineer or developer creates and tests software systems and applications. They employ coding languages and tools to develop or enhance new software.
  • Data Scientist/Analyst: Data scientists and analysts employ statistical and mathematical models to evaluate huge data sets and derive insights that may be applied to guide business choices. They are employed in many different sectors, such as banking, healthcare, and retail.
  • Cybersecurity Analyst: Cybersecurity analysts install security measures and watch for unusual activity to protect computer networks and systems from cyber threats.
  • Engineer in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI/ML engineers develop the algorithms and models that allow computers to learn from data and carry out tasks that ordinarily call for human intelligence.
  • Maintenance of an organization’s computer systems and networks is the responsibility of the systems administrator. They ensure that both the hardware and the software operate correctly and apply updates and patches as necessary.
  • Web developer: Web developers create websites and web-based programs using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding languages.
  • IT Managers: The strategy, execution, and upkeep of a company’s technological infrastructure are under the control of IT managers.
  • Research Scientists: Research scientists conduct research and development in fields like machine learning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence in university or professional contexts.

These are just a few professions anyone with a master’s in computer science can pursue. New career options are continually appearing as the industry changes continuously.

How Valuable Is a Computer Science Master’s Degree?

Anyone who wishes to further their profession in the technology sector should consider earning a master’s degree in computer science. The minimal educational qualification for many corporate computer science positions is a master’s degree. This is especially true for management jobs, which need a mix of hard and soft talents and experience.

A master’s degree may result in a greater wage than a bachelor’s degree and provide access to more work prospects. It is simpler to grow in your work if you also have a master’s degree. Computer network architecture and computer and information research science are typical occupations you can earn with a master’s degree in computer science.

List of Top Universities for Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship

  • Bologna University
  • Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
  • Florence University
  • Insubria University
  • Messina University
  • Pisa University
  • Politecnico di Milano
  • Sapienza University
  • Trento University
  • Turin University
  • Universitàdegli Studi di Milano
  • University of Calabria
  • University of Camerino
  • University of Genoa
  • University of Padua

Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship in Bologna University

The Engineering and Computer Science Specialist is responsible for the analysis, design, planning, development, and administration of components, systems, and processes that involve the processing of information in the context of industrial R&D, as well as in the context of manufacturing and services.

2 Years 120 EnglishYes No

Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship in Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

This degree program prepares you to work as a professional in fields such as software development and design, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity in either business or academic research. You will learn the theoretical underpinnings of these fields of study and the practical skills essential for applications, technology transfer, and applied research. These include data management and analysis by exploring statistical and machine learning methods and designing secure, correct, and performant software.

An emphasis on hands-on learning characterizes coursework in the program, and you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the chance to complete an internship with a prestigious organization. Click here to read more.

The degree allows you to focus your studies in various ways or “major” in various subjects that are important to society.
Data engineering and artificial intelligence
– Cybersecurity
– Engineering and Development of Software

2 YearsYesEnglishYesYes-B2

Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship at Florence University

We are increasingly dependent on computer-controlled devices in our everyday lives. To state it, a Cyber-Physical System (CPS) is an ICT-enabled system in which computational elements closely interact with physical entities to regulate human, organizational, or mechanical activities. (computers, software, and networks).

Putting cyber-physical systems into practice is problematic because it calls for expertise in many different fields, such as distributed systems, sensing networks, software engineering, and artificial intelligence. Additionally, verification and certification methods and tools are necessary to improve the resilience and security of cyber-physical systems in order to guarantee system survival in the face of random anomalies, malicious attacks, and other unexpected catastrophic events. This degree program requires previous degree results as 75% for admission


In order to define, build, verify, and certify the complex systems characteristic of many emerging areas like the Internet of Things, Smart Factories, and Critical Infrastructures, students will need to acquire robust computing and engineering knowledge and skills. Training in a variety of disciplines:

  • Cyber-physical system design and development with a focus on real-time and dispersed deployment.
    Building safety into processes.
  • Methodologies and frameworks for building decentralized, CPS-centric software.
  • Resilient system development, testing, and approval.
  • Software engineering and programming best practices built on the “Build Automation” and “Test-driven Development” frameworks.
  • Tools from statistical analysis and computational analysis to deal with the mountain of data produced.
2 Years120EnglishYesB2

Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship in Insubria University Italy

Earning Computer Science Master’s from Insubria University in this field will set you up for success in various industries, not just those relating to IT, as a professional expert in the design and administration of highly complex IT systems. If you want to study further, you can earn a doctorate degree program. This program requires an interview for admission to this degree program.

2 Years120EnglishYesB2

Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship at Messina University

The Master’s Degree Course in Information Technology prepares students to build, manage, and maintain complex computer systems to the requirements of government agencies, private organizations, academic institutions, businesses, and independent consultants.

Master’s students in computer engineering and computer science learn how to plan, develop, and execute computer systems, focusing on software and data processing components. In industrial or service businesses, government agencies, or as sole proprietors, master’s degree holders typically work in research and development, design, planning, programming, or managing innovative hardware and software systems. Therefore, those with master’s degrees in computer science will find work in the hardware and software manufacturing sectors, the automation and robotics sectors, the information systems and computer networks sectors, the service sectors, the information technology (IT) sectors of governments, and the freelance sector.

The following is a collection of professionals organized by field:

  • Analyst for complex applications, programmer for cutting-edge systems, and project lead in software development.
  • Expert in computer networks and information technology security
  • Web-based systems: webpage development/design.
  • Analyst, Designer, Manager, and Leader of Information System Projects.
  • System analyst, planner, and project manager for custom-built systems.
  • Management of information technology (IT) is tasked with ensuring the security and efficacy of massive facilities.
  • Designing new computer platforms and user interfaces:
2 Years120EnglishYesB1
(better o have)

Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship at Pisa University

Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship

The duration of the curriculum is two years, including time spent on the thesis.

Graduates have the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in the development of next-generation ICTs. They will be well-versed in conceptualizing and implementing cutting-edge information systems and worldwide communication networks. To see the details click here.

Engineering and Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship at Politecnico di Milano

The program aims to produce engineers proficient in creating IT tools suitable for various uses. When compared to the Laurea courses (roughly equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree), the Laurea Magistrale (approximately equivalent to a Master of Science) program equips students with a more vital ability to model reality and a more profound preparation to integrate a broader spectrum of advanced technologies and skills, allowing them to tackle more complex multidisciplinary problems. You can choose from a wide variety of concentrations that span the breadth of contemporary computer science:

  • Ambient and data intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Big data and data science
  • Bioinformatics and e-health
  • Business informatics, analytics, and intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Interactive applications
  • Internet engineering
  • Pervasive Systems
  • Robotics and Vision
  • Software engineering for complex systems

Requirement: Minimum 3.3 CGPA Required. Read the complete information about the degree program here.

2 Years120EnglishYesNO
(English proficiency Certificate)

Computer Science Informatics Master Degree at Sapienza University

The course outlines the English-taught master’s degree in computer science covers algorithmics, discrete mathematics, theoretical computer science, software design, artificial intelligence, multimedia, networks, and security.

As per Educational curricula: 1. Software engineering 2. Interactive Multimedia Computing 3. InfoSci Apps Secure Networks Students can choose nine classes from two curriculum groups. The first group includes curriculum-specific teachings, while the second contains foundational and cross-curricular teachings. Many courses include laboratory design activities to create and try advanced solutions for complex real-world problems. In addition to traditional classes, master’s degree students must complete one of the CAD’s annual 6-credit training activities. They develop cross-skills to help students finish school and enter the workforce. The degree course’s didactic regulation will set the student’s study and other individual training time within regulatory bounds.

Requirement: Other than educational requirements, this university asks for CIMEA with the admission application.

2 Years120EnglishYesB2
(better o have)

Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship at Trento University

The two-year Master’s Degree in Computer Science trains workers and researchers in theory and practice. Theory and lab courses alternate throughout studies. Computer Science graduates find jobs within two months of graduating (source Almalaurea) because they are among Italy’s top five most sought-after experts.

The University of Trento’s Computer Science course is unique among Italian institutions and comparable to prestigious European and international universities.

UniTN Computer Science is distinguished by its internationalization focus. The Computer Science course allows students to enter the Double Degree Programme in the EIT Digital Master School and EIT Manufacturing Master School. They will spend one year in Italy and one year at the Partner University and receive two degrees from both institutions and countries. Read about the requirements of the program from this link.

Two courses are offered with two curricula:

  • Information Science and Technologies
  • ICT Innovation
2 Years120EnglishYesB2

Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship at Turin University

This computer science degree program aims to prepare students with the technological skills and knowledge necessary for immediate employment in the rapidly expanding field of information and communication technologies. Students majoring in computer science are expected to apply what they’ve learned to the design, development, and administration of computer systems, as well as to the identification, investigation, and resolution of problems in a wide range of practical settings.

In order for the graduate to keep up with the rapid technological evolution and adapt flexibly to very different working realities, the course of study integrates knowledge of information technology and its use in solving application issues with a solid essential preparation.

This degree program has the following curricula:

  • Images, Vision, and Virtual Reality 
  • Virtual Reality and Multimedia 
  • Computer networks and systems
  • Information Processing Systems 
  • Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems
2 Years120EnglishYesB2

Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship at Universitàdegli Studi di Milano

The master’s degree program in computer science provides advanced knowledge and professional skills for research, design, and coordination in computer science applications, particularly in commercial, industrial, and scientific fields. Computer science graduates create, control, and handle complex IT systems. Her/his main goal is to improve IT systems qualitatively and economically and to suggest the discipline’s constant innovations and technical advances in her/his application area.

Thus, the master’s degree program trains workers with strong analytical and operational skills and an open and critical view of IT adoption and use issues.
The Master in Computer Science trains advanced students in information technology’s core areas: algorithms, languages, logical and formal methods, software development and design, information systems and data management, architectures and networks, intelligent systems, data analysis and optimization, signal and image processing, multimedia, and social communication.

2 Years120EnglishYesNo

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship at the University of Calabria

The Master’s degree course in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science extends the training of the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science to a higher level of professional figures, which can cover high-level roles in new technology companies or public bodies, and who can continue their educational path by accessing research doctorates or specialty schools.

There are two curricula for this degree:

  • Data Science
  • Computer Security
2 Years120EnglishYesB1
(better o have)

Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship at the University of Camerino

The Master of Science in Computer Science, also known as the Laurea Magistrale in Computer Science, has been developed by UNICAM to allow doctoral students to specialize in their knowledge, competencies, and skills. As a result of the fact that computer science applications can now be found in various disciplines that are quite distinct from one another and in an ever-increasing number, various specialization courses can be taken for the Master’s degree. There are five curricula for this program:

  • Business Informatics and Data Science (BIDS)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Informatics for Robotics (AIIR)
  • Software Development and Technologies (SDT)
  • CyberSecurity (CySec)
  • Methodologies and Technologies for Digital Communication (MTDC)
2 Years120EnglishYesNo

Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship at the University of Genoa

The Master of Computer Science degree can be completed in one of two Curricula:

  1. Data Science and Engineering is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the administration, analysis, and visualization of enormous amounts of digital data for artificial intelligence, data analytics, or visual computing.
  2. Software Security & Engineering is an industry that focuses on developing high-quality, innovative software systems by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, security evaluations, strengthening methods, and standardized procedures.
2 Years120EnglishYesNo

Computer Science Master Degree Scholarship at the University of Padua

A course that extends the basics of computer science learned during the three-year study course, giving you in-depth knowledge, especially in the most innovative areas, and high professional skills needed in ever-growing and complex job markets and research. Computability and advanced algorithms, computer paradigms, formal methods of specification and analysis, advanced logic, encryption, and security, concurrent, distributed, real-time, hypermedia, wireless systems, advanced web technologies, and available technologies are covered. Source, AI, ML, CO, data mining, biology. You can manage and supervise development and research projects in high-tech public and private firms.

Padua University requires a minimum 3.00 CGPA for admission.

2 Years120EnglishYesNo

Final Words

Be sure to thoroughly investigate and compare the many scholarship options if you’re considering applying for a computer science master’s degree scholarship. Note each program’s qualifying requirements, specifications, and deadlines to see if they complement your objectives and interests.

 Also, it’s critical to have a solid application package that showcases your accomplishments in school, professional experience, and personal attributes. Write your statement or essay with consideration, and ask instructors or experts in the field for letters of recommendation.

Keep in mind that earning a master’s degree in computer science can be a wise investment in both your professional and personal development. With the correct planning and work, a scholarship can offer significant assistance and aid in accomplishing your objectives in this fascinating and rapidly developing sector.

Best luck!


How can you apply for a master’s degree scholarship that covers all costs?

Academic excellence is the first requirement for getting a master’s program full scholarship. Any scholarship provider would be challenged to reject a straight-A student with a perfect or very perfect GPA. Also, before applying for any scholarship, you should carefully review the qualifying conditions to be sure you meet them.

What GPA is required for full scholarship consideration?

Most scholarships have 3.0 to 4.0 as their minimal GPA criterion. Your chances of receiving a scholarship are higher the higher your GPA. While some scholarships demand a 2.0 GPA, others are completely need-based and do not have such restrictions. If you’re interested in any scholarships, examine the exact conditions.

I want to study computer science; how can I acquire a scholarship?

A good GPA should be attained and kept up first. 3.0 or higher is usually acceptable. You must send your application, perhaps with an essay attached, and any other paperwork like transcripts and recommendation letters. They may ask you about your role in the community as well. For information about available scholarships and their conditions, contact your university.

Do foreign students seeking a master’s degree in Italy receive scholarships?

Indeed, there are specific scholarships available in the US that are open to students from other countries. Both partial and full scholarships are available, depending on the organization and the requirements of the overseas student. Fullbright is one of the most often used organizations for overseas scholarships.

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