Scholarship for Economics Bachelor Degree 2023

Have you completed your higher education recently and searched for opportunities in the Economics field? This post has complete information about a fully funded scholarship for economics Bachelor Degree in Italy [2023-2024]. We have prepared a list of universities that offer English-taught bachelor’s degrees in Economics.

Bachelor of Economics students learn about the economics of manufacturing, retailing, and consuming goods and services. Both local and global economic aspects are examined in economics, known as Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Students who enroll in one of the many Bachelor of Economics programs offered at universities and colleges worldwide learn how to maximize the benefit to economic entities and individuals.

Should Anyone Consider Getting a BA in Economics? You should feel at ease with numbers and calculations, but Economics is much more than that. If you want to learn how human behavior impacts our way of life and are open to having your worldview challenged, a Bachelor of Economics degree could be the appropriate choice for you. Economics is not only applicable in numerous settings but also a universal language with many potential applications.

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Requirements for Fully Funded Scholarship for Economics Bachelor Degree in Italy

Fully Funded Scholarship for Economics Bachelor Degree in Italy

The minimum requirements for Economics Bachelor’s Degree in Italian universities vary. A few of them are given below:

  • Higher School Certificate: To secure admission to a bachelor’s degree program in Italy, the student must have 12 years o education with at least a 65% score. Moreover, the gap in the last degree depends on the universities because few universities accept gaps after higher education, and the majority do not.
  • English Language Proficiency: As an international student, Italian universities require an English Proficiency certificate with a minimum B2 Level. Only a few universities accept English Proficiency certificates issued by your last institution to endorse English as a teaching language in the academy.
  • Entrance Exam: For Admission to Bachelor’s Degree programs TOLC, and SAT are the entrance exams conducted by Italian universities. Once a student clears a test with the required minimum score

Scope of Economics Bachelor Degree

The three-year Economics undergraduate program is structured to give students a firm foundation in economics and management. It allows students to deepen their understanding of economic phenomena and the operation of markets, businesses, and public institutions.
The curriculum’s stated goal is to equip students with the theoretical and practical resources necessary to investigate economic management issues, including market efficiency, financial intermediation, and legal constraints.

Students have been exposed to a cutting-edge and global classroom thanks to various English-language teaching options. As a result of the program, participants can pursue entry-level positions in multiple industries (including private enterprises, public institutions, consulting firms, banks and insurance companies, professional service firms, and non-profit organizations) and sectors (administration, finance, sales and marketing, organization, and human resources).

List of Universities for Fully Funded Scholarship for Economics Bachelor Degree in Italy

The following universities in Italy offer Fully Funded Scholarship for Economics Bachelor’s Degrees. There are specific requirements for scholarships to be fulfilled but students. Usually, after submitting an admission application, during Jun/July, students apply for the Right to Study Scholarship as per the university region.

The list of universities for Fully Funded Scholarships for Economics Bachelor’s Degree in Italy:

  • University of Bologna
  • Siena University
  • Pisa University
  • Ca’ Foscari University Of Venice
  • Trieste University
  • Università Politecnica delle Marche

Fully Funded Scholarship for Economics Bachelor Degree at the University of Bologna

The Economics and Finance Curriculum at the undergraduate level is taught exclusively in English to students from all around the world. The purpose is to provide students with the quantitative and qualitative methods necessary to analyze the globalized and interdependent nature of today’s economic and financial systems. After completing the course, students will be able to use the economic reasoning techniques they have learned to provide economic advice and policy evaluations to corporate and public sector clients.

3 Years180EnglishYesNo12 years of schooling
SAT General test (no essay option needed)
English TOLC-E

This International Bachelor’s program in Economics, Politics, and Social Sciences is conducted in English.
Students gain a well-rounded understanding of economic, political, and social issues at the national and worldwide levels as a result of this study. Coursework includes instruction in management and law in addition to the economics and politics that serve as the course’s foundation. It teaches students the math they’ll need to do empirical research in the social sciences. Students in their third year can specialize in either data analysis, public economics, and management, or international political economy.
This program prepares students for careers in public and private sector administration, business, economics, and politics.

3 Years180English/ItalianYesEnglish B2
Italian B1
12 Years of Schooling
Basic mathematics and logical reasoning

Bachelor in Management and Economics is an interdisciplinary endeavor designed to give students a global perspective on business and economics. It offers the legal and economic grounding in statistics and mathematics that is essential to cultivating the abilities that boost the expansion of firms in global marketplaces.

The program’s distinctive features include a focus on data analysis and management, according to the most recent international management techniques; the use of English as the language of instruction; an international Faculty; the contents of the courses that provide students with the tools required to successfully work in multinational and global companies.

3 Years180EnglishYesNo12 Years of Schooling
SAT-General (by 30 May)

Fully Funded Scholarship for Economics Bachelor Degree at Pisa University

The Bachelor of Science in Management for Business and Economics (MBE) program at the University of Pisa is an undergraduate degree with the primary objective of assisting younger students in achieving success in the world of business and economics.

The bachelor of science degree is regarded as a ticket to a career in international management for business and economics.

3 Years180EnglishYesNo12 Years of Schooling
Any one of the below Tests:
TOLC-E with English Language Section;
SAT test;
GMAT test;
ACT test

Fully Funded Scholarship for Economics Bachelor Degree at Ca’ Foscari Venice University

Are you interested in beginning a profession in economics? You’ll learn to critically analyze economic phenomena and take on the challenge of working in private businesses and public organizations with the help of the Economics and Business degree’s English-taught curriculum, which is titled Economics, Markets, and Finance.

With a QS World University ranking in the top 250 for Economics & Econometrics, you can rest assured that your education at Ca’ Foscari will be of the highest caliber. The curriculum requires an internship, which can be completed in Italy or abroad, to guarantee that students graduate with marketable skills and are prepared to enter the workforce.

3 Years180EnglishYesB25 years high school diploma

Fully Funded Scholarship for Economics Bachelor Degree at Trieste University

Economics and Financial Markets are the only subject matter this degree program covers. The knowledge and skills taught in this program will equip students with the tools they’ll need to analyze national and global financial markets and evaluate, design, and use financial products.

In the first two years, students learn the fundamentals of economics, management, accounting, mathematics, statistics, and law; in the third year, they concentrate on topics like monetary and financial economics and policy, international macroeconomics, financial markets and institutions, corporate finance, statistics for finance, and financial econometrics.

3 Years180EnglishYesB212 years of schooling

Fully Funded Scholarship for Economics Bachelor’s Degree at Università Politecnica delle Marche

The Bachelor of Science in Digital Economics and Business is a three-year, full-time, English-language program combining a firm grounding in economics and business fundamentals with the technical skillsets in computer science, data integration, and analytics essential to assisting businesses in making better decisions.

The course’s overarching goal is to prepare students for three distinct careers in which they will use their analytical skills to inform business, economic, and financial decisions. These careers are data-driven economic and financial analyst, data-driven business analyst, and data analyst for economics and business. The data-driven methodology underlying these profiles sets them apart, ensuring that only the most pertinent information is communicated to the user. This is a unique offering in Italy’s public university system, where bachelor’s degree programs in economics and business are typically taught in English but are not naturally integrated with data science.

3 Years180EnglishYesB2 12 Years of Schooling
Basic mathematics and logical reasoning

Final Words!

This was the list of universities in Italy for Fully Funded Scholarship for Economic Bachelor’s Degree. Visit the website of each university for detailed information.

Good Luck!


Can I get a fully funded scholarship in Italy?

International students can receive fully funded scholarship to study at any of Italy’s public universities. Graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students can apply for these scholarships, and the Italian government also provides a monthly stipend to foreign students studying there.

Is a Bachelor’s Degree free in Italy?

Yes, studying in Italy is entirely gratis for foreign students. In order to earn a full scholarship to study in Italy, they will be evaluated based on their academic history, family income, potential, and scope for excellent academic success.

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