Top 5 Bachelor in Civil Engineering with Scholarship

Are you passionate about designing, constructing, and shaping the world around you? Pursuing a Bachelor in Civil Engineering with scholarship in Italy could be the perfect pathway to turn your passion into a rewarding career. Italy, known for its rich architectural heritage and engineering marvels, offers an exceptional educational environment for aspiring civil engineers. This dynamic program combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, preparing students to tackle real-world challenges in infrastructure development, urban planning, and environmental sustainability.

In this post, we will explore the exciting opportunities and unique features of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in Italy and how it can open doors to a promising future in the field.

Explore all the top-rated universities in Italy for English-taught bachelor in Civil Engineering for international students. Before digging out about universities, let’s look at the scope and opportunities for a bachelor in Civil Engineering.

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Scope of Bachelor in Civil Engineering

The scope of a Civil Engineering degree is vast and far-reaching, presenting many opportunities for aspiring engineers. Civil engineering plays a pivotal role in developing, designing, and maintaining essential infrastructure systems that shape our modern society. Civil engineers are responsible for creating and maintaining the vital infrastructure that supports our everyday lives, from roads, bridges, and buildings to water supply networks, wastewater treatment plants, and transportation systems. With growing concerns over sustainability and environmental impact, civil engineers are increasingly involved in developing eco-friendly solutions, such as renewable energy projects and green building practices.

The scope of a Civil Engineering degree extends beyond traditional construction and encompasses fields like geotechnical engineering, structural analysis, transportation planning, and urban development. As technology advances, civil engineers are also at the forefront of utilizing innovative techniques like computer-aided design (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to streamline the design and construction processes. With a Civil Engineering degree, graduates can explore diverse career paths in both the public and private sectors, working on projects that shape the future of cities, transportation networks, and sustainable infrastructure worldwide

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Career Opportunities with a Bachelor in Civil Engineering

A Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering opens up a plethora of exciting career opportunities for graduates. With their comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, civil engineers are in high demand across various sectors. Graduates can embark on careers in the public sector, working for government agencies and municipal bodies involved in urban planning, infrastructure development, and transportation management.


Jobs after Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering

1. Careers in the Public Sector: Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering have excellent prospects in the public sector. They can pursue careers in government agencies, municipal bodies, and public works departments involved in urban planning, infrastructure development, and transportation management. Roles may include civil engineering project manager, urban planner, transportation engineer, or infrastructure development specialist.

2. Opportunities in Private Consulting Firms: Private consulting firms offer diverse career paths for civil engineering graduates. These firms provide services in building design, construction management, structural analysis, and environmental impact assessments. Graduates can explore roles such as structural engineer, project consultant, environmental engineer, or construction manager.

3. Roles in Construction and Contracting Companies: Civil engineers are highly sought after by construction companies and contractors for managing and supervising construction projects. Graduates can work as project engineers, site supervisors, or project managers, ensuring the successful completion of infrastructure projects.

4. Specializations within Civil Engineering: Civil engineering offers various specializations that lead to specific career opportunities. Graduates can specialize in fields like geotechnical engineering, water resources, transportation, or environmental engineering. This enables them to pursue careers as geotechnical engineers, water resource engineers, transportation planners, or environmental consultants.

5. Sustainable Development and Green Initiatives: With the growing emphasis on sustainability, civil engineers play a crucial role in sustainable development and green initiatives. Graduates can contribute to renewable energy projects, sustainable urban development, and environmental remediation efforts. They can work as sustainability engineers, green infrastructure specialists, or environmental consultants, promoting eco-friendly practices in infrastructure projects.

6. Research and Academic Pursuits: For those interested in research or academia, a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering provides a solid foundation. Graduates can explore opportunities as research assistants, pursue advanced degrees, or become professors, sharing their knowledge and expertise with future civil engineers.

Earning a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering opens up many job opportunities in the public and private sectors. Graduates can contribute to infrastructure development, sustainability, and the built environment while significantly impacting society.

List of Universities offer Bachelor in Civil Engineering with Scholarship in Italy

In Italy, a limited number of top-ranked universities offer English-taught Bachelor in Civil Engineering. These programs cater to international students who prefer to study in English and are seeking high-quality education in this field. While the majority of undergraduate programs in Italy are taught in Italian, these select universities recognize the importance of offering English-taught programs to attract a diverse range of talented students from around the world. By providing instruction in English, these universities ensure that international students have access to comprehensive civil engineering education while also promoting cultural exchange and collaboration among students from different backgrounds.

These English-taught programs in Civil Engineering are designed to meet international standards, combining rigorous academic coursework with practical training, hands-on projects, and research opportunities. As a result, students can benefit from studying in Italy, renowned for its rich architectural heritage and engineering achievements, while pursuing their Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in an English-speaking learning environment.

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Universities offer English-Taught Bachelor in Civil Engineering

  • Politecnico di Torino
  • University of Messina
  • University of Bologna
  • Sapienza University of Rome

Bachelor in Civil Engineering at Politecnico di Torino – Turin University

The Civil and Environmental Engineering degree program seeks to prepare engineers with the knowledge and abilities to assist the design, management, and upkeep of civil structures and infrastructure, including bridges, dams, highways, and trains, as well as water distribution and drainage networks. Courses that prepare students to design and maintain plants for the treatment of gaseous, liquid, and solid waste in the industry are added to this traditional civil engineering training to give students knowledge and understanding of circular economy concepts as they apply to natural resources and energy.

The three-year program includes a first year that is shared by all engineering specialties and covers arithmetic, physics, chemistry, and ICT. The second year expands on the first by covering subjects including fluid mechanics, materials science and technology, statics, and the treatment of pollutants. More technical topics like structural and geotechnical engineering, surveying, road and railway engineering, and circular economy are studied in the third year. Pursuing an internship with a business during this year is also feasible.
You will be required to create a final thesis on a subject related to your field of interest by the conclusion of the third year.

3 Years 180 EnglishEnglish Proficiency Certificate Accepted also for Admission Alta Scuola Politecnica project
TOPoliTO Scholarships

Politecnico International Scholarships

EDISU Piemonte scholarships and accommodation services reserved to prospective students

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation scholarships (MAECI)

External Bodies calls

Scholarships for Refugee Students

Part-Time jobs and other support reserved to prospective students (I and II level degrees)
– 12 Years High School Diploma
– Admission Test (Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and Text comprehension and Logic) Read more about TIL-I Training Test

Bachelor in Civil Engineering at Messina University with Scholarship

The Civil Engineering Bachelor program seeks to produce graduates with a theoretical foundation in the fundamental sciences as well as practical skills appropriate for the workplace, including design, manufacture, maintenance, and project management in various areas of civil engineering. Traditional subjects are mixed with cutting-edge, modern techniques and equipment that comply with current technological norms.

The program lasts for three years: the first year is a foundational year designed to impart the core concepts of mathematics, chemistry, physics, and graphic representation.
Advanced mathematics principles are covered in the second year to finish off the fundamentals, then additional professional topics like building, environmental engineering, technology, and geography are covered.
The third year is primarily devoted to issues at a territorial scale, including the design of infrastructures in a BIM context, the hydraulics of natural systems, foundations, and retaining structures, and the seismic reaction of the structures.

3 Years 180 EnglishB2 level of English Language
English Proficiency Certificate Accepted also for Admission Only
– Casa UNIME program
– ERSU scholarship (offered by Regional Agency)
– Tuition Fees are Waivied off based on Income
Facilities for Disabled Students
– 12 Years High School Diploma
– Educational Background Assessment

Bachelor in Civil Engineering at Bologna University | First Cycle Degree Building Construction Engineering

The three-year program, which is exclusively taught in English and is centered on the building, aims to prepare engineers with a variety of worldwide professional experiences.
Students are given the technical and scientific abilities necessary for the profile of a construction engineer who manages the design, construction, and usage of buildings and infrastructure.
They will learn how to plan, restore, and maintain new and old urban environments and buildings.

Bologna university is among the top-five universities of Italy. Hence it’s requirements for admission are strict. Read below the requirement for the bachelor in Civil Engineering.

3 Years 180 EnglishB2 level of English Language Test
English Proficiency Language Accepted
– ER.GO – Scholarships, lodging places, meal vouchers
–  Exemptions and Incentives
 – Scholarships and subsidies
 – Graduate and Ph.D. awards
– Scholarships for international mobility
– Tutoring grants
– Scholarships and economic benefits for international students
– Benefits and concessions for excellent students – Collegio Superiore
– Announcements and competitions promoted by institutions, associations, companies
– 12 Years High School Diploma

Bachelor in Civil Engineering at Sapienza University | Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainable Building Engineering

The degree in sustainable building engineering, which will be offered in English starting in 2018–2019, provides students with the knowledge and abilities to secure a sustainable future for both existing buildings and the buildings they will design and construct. Delivering sustainable built environments is still one of the top worldwide priorities of our day. The major goal of this degree is to modernize well-respected, traditional Italian civil and architectural engineering abilities, incorporating increased sensitivity to environmental preservation with a clear emphasis on sustainable development. Given the foregoing, this degree is intended for students from other countries, particularly those where large private and public buildings were designed and constructed by Italian building and environmental engineering consultants or businesses.

This degree is mainly focused on developing individuals who are equipped to take on various projects, whether they are small-scale or large-scale, locally or globally. A sustainable building engineer is prepared to create and oversee sustainable design strategies in architecture and urban planning during the design phase. During the construction phase, he or she is able to use sustainable and recycled materials, reduce waste flows, and prevent harm to the urban environment or the surrounding natural environment. As a facility manager, he or she is aware of how to lower energy use, utilize other natural resources in place of energy, and provide appropriate solutions while taking a sustainable stance.

This degree program for Bachelor in Civil Engineering is one of the most popular programs incorporating environmental sensitivity in the construction field.

3 Years 180 EnglishB2 level of English Language Test
English Proficiency Language Accepted
– Regional Scholarships
– Students Collaboration Grants
– Scholarship Abroad
– Thesis Scholarship
– Erasmus Programs
– Study and Internship Abroad
– Scholarships from Italian Government for Domestic & International Students

– 12 Years High School Diploma
– English TOLC- I OR SAT

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, pursuing a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering in Italy with a scholarship is a promising opportunity for aspiring students. The universities offering this program, such as Bologna University, Sapienza University of Rome, Polytechnic University of Turin, and Messina University, provide excellent academic and research environments, allowing students to gain a solid foundation in civil engineering principles and practices.

Furthermore, studying in Italy offers the chance to immerse oneself in the country’s vibrant culture, cuisine, and lifestyle. Students can experience the warmth and hospitality of the Italian people, explore historical landmarks, and embrace the artistic and architectural wonders that the country has to offer.

Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in Italy with a scholarship not only provides an excellent education but also offers a culturally enriching experience. The universities mentioned, along with their renowned faculty and comprehensive programs, are excellent choices for students seeking a top-quality education in civil engineering. With the combination of academic excellence, practical experience, and the opportunity to explore Italy’s rich heritage, students can embark on a fulfilling career in the field of civil engineering.


Which universities are best for Bachelor in Civil Engineering in Europe?

The universities best for Civil Engineering in Europe, specifically Italy, provide international students with funded opportunities. These universities are:
– Politecnico di Torino
– University of Messina
– University of Bologna
– Sapienza University of Rome

Which fields are best for a bachelor in civil engineering?

The best bachelor’s degree for Civil engineering are:
– Civil and Environmental Engineering
– Building Construction Engineering
– Sustainable Building Engineering
Read the article to explore the universities.

What are the scholarship opportunities for international students at the Sapienza University of Rome?

The Sapienza University of Rome offers the following scholarships:
– Regional Scholarships
– Students Collaboration Grants
– Scholarship Abroad
– Thesis Scholarship
– Erasmus Programs
– Study and Internship Abroad
– Scholarships from Italian Government for Domestic & International Students

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