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Brescia, Italy, is home to the institution of Brescia University (Università degli Studi di Brescia), a public research institution. It was established in 1982 and has four faculties.

In 1982, the University of Brescia was formally founded with three schools: engineering, economics, and business. However, the initial attempts to start university classes in Brescia date back to the 1960s because the creation phase lasted about two decades.

The University of Brescia has established a model based on three fundamental, interconnected areas of university commitment (teaching, research, and commitment in the region) to explain the goals and objectives for the upcoming three years. Principal junctions include:

  • Innovation and competitivity (Teaching and Research);
  • Orientation and Training for the area (Teaching and Commitment in the Area);
  • Research and Area (Research and Commitment in the Area).

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Ethan Doro took the initial step by starting talks to establish a two-year engineering program as a division of Politecnico di Milano in the early 1960s. The project failed due to the demanding financial constraints. Following this initial attempt, the development of the future schools in Brescia followed two different paths: one was focused on the school of economics, while the other was focused on engineering and medicine. In economic studies, a two-year School of Industrial Administration was established in 1964.

Ranking of Brescia University

UNIBS confirmed its placement in the 351-400 range among more than 2,300 participating and 1,799 ranked universities in the most recent edition of the ranking, published in October 2022. The university stood out mostly due to the numerous papers that were cited frequently (UNIBS is ranked 87th in the world by citations, steadily rising).

UNIBS is placed 12th out of 55 among the ranked Italian institutions. According to the ranking of the top 50 universities in the world that are 50 years old or younger, UNIBS came in at number 68 (out of 790 universities).

The 2023 UNIBS is ranked in the following ranges by THE Subject: engineering, 601-800; business and economy, 501-600; clinical and health, 351-300.

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Departments of Brescia University

The departments are in charge of all activities that are connected to or incidental to doing scientific research, teaching, and training as well as activities directed at the public.

  • Economics and Management
  • Law
  • Environmental, Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mathematics
  • Information Engineering
  • Industrial and Mechanical Engineering
  • Molecular and Translational Medicine
  • Medical and Surgical Specialties, Radiological Sciences, and Public Health
  • Clinical and Experimental Sciences

Degree programs offered by Brescia University

Brescia University offers a diverse range of degree programs to cater to the educational needs and career aspirations of students. These programs include bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, and professional degrees, as well as certificates and foundation years.

  • Bachelor’s degree programs provide foundational knowledge in a specific field and typically last three with 180 Credit hours.
  • Master’s degree programs allow students to specialize further and usually require one to two years of study beyond the bachelor’s degree.
  • Doctoral degree programs involve extensive research and are the highest level of academic achievement with three years to four years of duration.
  • Professional degree programs prepare students for specific professions, while certificate and diploma programs offer specialized skills and knowledge. It’s important to check with specific universities for detailed information on the degree programs they offer.
  • The foundation year program prepares students for university after completing their higher secondary school.

Scholarship Opportunities at Brescia University, Italy


LMINT AND STAR GRANTS 2023/2024 A.Y. for International Students

The University of Brescia offers the following foreign scholarships for the academic year 2023–2024 that are only open to non–EU candidates who are residing abroad, in conjunction with the Fondazione EULO–Università di Brescia.

LMINT Grants: The University of Brescia, in collaboration with Fondazione EULO – Università di Brescia, for the Academic Year 2023/2024, issues this Call for the awarding of 12 scholarships to students holding a Bachelor’s Degree of the minimum duration of three years, obtained in a non-EU country, and who are willing to enroll in an English Master’s Degree course. 

STAR Grant: According to Decree No. 344/2022, April 08, 2022 of the Ministry of Universities and Research (MUR), applicants who are enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program (three years) or a Master’s degree program (two years) and are from a developing country, or from Egypt, Iraq, or Sudan, must take a competitive examination to be assigned the No. 5 scholarships for the academic year 2023–2024.

Grants for Refugees

The fifth edition of the University Corridors for Refugees initiative has just been released. The project’s overarching goal is to make it easier for migrants located in Europe to enter Italy legally and safely.

  • Zimbabwe
  • Zambia
  • Uganda
  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Niger
  • Kenya


Italian colleges and businesses are encouraged to collaborate through the IYT program in order to increase their level of internationalization. Additionally, it enables young international talents to specialize in Italy and begin working for the Italian businesses that are a part of the Program within the framework of the “Invest Your Talent in Italy”.

The following study programs come under this scholarship:

  • Analytics and data science for economics and management
  • Civil and environmental engineering
  • Communication technologies and multimedia
  • Management (curriculum International business or curriculum Green economy and sustainability)

Internationalization Opportunities of Brescia University

Erasmus Programs for Outgoing Students

Erasmus +, a program of the European Commission for education, training, youth, and sport for 2021–2027, aims to help the modernization of systems for education, training, and youth while increasing skills and employability.

You can participate actively in creating a more cohesive Europe by participating in the program, which enables you to live cultural and professional experiences abroad, learn about other higher education systems, enhance your knowledge of at least one additional language, and meet young people from various countries.

In comparison to the previous framework program (2014-2020), it aspires to include as many participants in disadvantaged circumstances as possible, to digitalize procedures fully, and to promote environmental sustainability.

  • Erasmus for Study
  • Erasmus for Traineeship
  • Erasmus for Students for International Activities

Thesis Abroad

Students who are in their last year of a master’s or bachelor’s program at the University of Brescia have the option of writing their degree thesis or final report at any university in the globe.

The University releases a call for scholarships for thesis abroad for the winter (December/January) and summer (June/July) seasons.

The assignment of the scholarship is open to students who are currently enrolled in the final year of their degree program (access information is provided in the call). The scholarship can pay for up to six months of international travel.

Double Degree Program

The University of Brescia provides its students with the option of earning a dual degree from two different institutions abroad.

The active partnerships are listed below, broken down by region.


  • University of Valencia
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Hochschule Mainz


  • STIC&A: Italian-French laboratory for training and research in information sciences and its advanced applications
  • Mechatronics for Industrial Automation – University of Almeria
  • Mechatronic Systems for Rehabilitation -UPMC Sorbonne Universités
  • Georgia Institute of Technology

Inclusion of Students with Disability or Specially Abled

If you are a student with a disability that has been recognized by L. 104/1992 and/or L. 118/71, you can get in touch with the Guidance Service and the Inclusion, Participation, and University Campus Office to learn more about the different types of support that may be available to you while you are in school and to plan your time at the university.

UOC Inclusion, Participation, and University Campus:
The office is situated in Via Valotti 3/B – Brescia

UOC Guidance Service: 
The office is situated in Corso Palestro 36 – Brescia

Location of Brescia University – How to Reach Brescia University

Rector’s office and administrative offices

Palazzo Martinengo Palatini
Rector’s offices
Piazza del Mercato 15, Brescia

Palazzo Bettoni
Via Gramsci 17, Brescia

Madonna del Lino
Piazza del Mercato 17, Brescia

Final Words!

In conclusion, Brescia University stands as an excellent prospective destination for future students seeking quality higher education. With its strong rankings and reputation, the university offers a wide range of degree programs across various disciplines. Brescia University’s commitment to academic excellence, combined with its state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated faculty, creates an ideal learning environment for students to thrive.

Moreover, the university’s consistent focus on research and practical training equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen fields. By choosing Brescia University, prospective students can embark on a rewarding educational journey that prepares them for successful careers and personal growth.


The Brescia University is public or Private university?

Brescia University is a public university situated in the Italian city of Brescia. It was established in 1982.

What is the ranking of Brescia University?

The University of Brescia is listed in the top 526 international universities. According to their performance across several generally recognized quality indices, schools are ranked.

What is the acceptance rate of Brescia University Italy?

The acceptance rate of Brescia University is 51%.

What is the QS ranking of Brescia University?

The University of Brescia was classified among the top 501–600 universities in the world in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (2022). According to QS WUR by Subject 2023, UNIBS is ranked 551-600 in medicine.

What are the requirements for international students at Brescia University?

International students should submit an online application for admission to Brescia University:
Step 1: Search Relevant study program
Step 2: Submit Online Application
Step 3: Get the pre-admission letter
Step 4: Submit CIMEA / DOV
Step 5: Submit Pre-enrollment summary
Step 6: Submit Visa application

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