39th Cycle Call – PhD Call Verona University 2023 – Fully Funded

Are you dreaming of studying in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy? If yes, then you are at the right place. Read the full post about the 39th Cycle Call- PhD Call Verona University 2023, a fully funded opportunity PhD in Italy for International Students in 2023.

The goal of a PhD program is to help students hone their academic research abilities. PhD programs use modern technology and require students to spend time learning and working in public or private organizations both domestically and overseas.

Candidates must win a public competition governed by a special Call for Applications that is annually announced and publicized on the websites of Verona University, Euraxess, and the Gazzetta Ufficiale.

Candidates with a Laurea Magistrale / Specialistica or a foreign Master’s Degree (Master of Science or Master of Arts) that is recognized as being equivalent to the aforementioned Italian degrees and would allow entry into a PhD program in the country where it was earned are eligible to apply.

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Subjects for PhD Call Verona University 2023

Verona University is offering PhD Scholarships in the following subjects:

Archaeology, Art History, and HistoryNumber of Scholarships
Applied Life and Health Sciences8
Inflammation, Immunity, and Cancer6
Biomolecular Medicine10
Clinical and Experimental Biomedical Science9
Computer Science7
Economics and Finance6
European and International Legal Sciences5
Foreign Literatures and Languages7
Human Sciences9
Neuroscience, Psychological and Psychiatric Sciences, and Movement Sciences9
Linguistics – Joint PhD Program with the Free University of Bozen7
Nanoscience and Advanced Technologies7
Neuroscience, Psychological and Psychiatric Sciences and Movement Sciences13
Philology, Literature, and Performance Studies4
Surgical and Cardiovascular Sciences6

PhD Call Verona University 2023 – Scholarship Amount

The PhD scholarship pays Euro 16,243.00 per year and lasts for the entire PhD program, which can be 3 or 4 years. Students receive monthly installments starting in October 2022. To obtain the first installment, students must submit all required documents and enroll in their PhD program by 24 September 2023. If not, the first installment will be paid two months later, at the end of November.

For international students, the first monthly payment is made after they notify the PhD office of their arrival in Verona. If they do so before the 10th of the month, they will receive a payment that month; otherwise, it will be processed the following month.

During authorized study periods abroad, the scholarship amount is increased by 50%, even for students without a scholarship. If a student is suspended or excluded from the PhD program, they will only receive scholarship funds for the period during which they attended the program.

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Application Process for Verona University 39th PhD Call

Application Process

The application process for the 39th cycle of Ph.D. admissions at Verona University is currently ongoing, with a deadline of [insert deadline date]. To apply, candidates must submit an online application form and all required documentation through the University’s dedicated portal. The required documentation includes:

  • A detailed curriculum vitae
  • A cover letter outlining the candidate’s research interests and motivations for pursuing a Ph.D.
  • A copy of the candidate’s master’s degree certificate or equivalent qualification
  • Transcripts of academic records from previous studies
  • Two letters of recommendation from academic referees
  • Any additional documentation relevant to the candidate’s research interests, such as publications or research proposals

Candidates must also indicate which Ph.D. program they wish to apply for, as well as their preferred research area and potential supervisor.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the 39th cycle of Ph.D. admissions at Verona University, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a master’s degree or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution
  • Meet the academic and language requirements for their chosen Ph.D. program
  • Be under the age of 35 (or 40 for candidates with disabilities)
  • Not have been enrolled in a Ph.D. program for more than three years
  • Not have been convicted of any criminal offense that would prevent them from entering the country

How to submit an Application to Verona University 39th PhD Call?

How to Submit Your PhD Application: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re interested in applying for a PhD program at the University of Verona, you can submit your application between 12 April 2023 and 12 May 2023 at 12.00 noon (Italian time, GMT+1). To apply, you must use the online form available at www.univr.it/applicationphd. Follow these steps to submit your application:

  1. Go to the www.univr.it/applicationphd webpage.
  2. Register to the online system by providing the required information (if you haven’t already registered).
  3. Log in using your personal credentials (if you’re a current student of the University of Verona or a previously registered applicant).
  4. Select the PhD program you’re interested in.
  5. Fill out the online application form.

For more information on how to apply, specific guidelines are available on each PhD program webpage.

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Admission, Selection, and Ranking Process to Apply for 39th Cycle Call Verona University:

39th-Cycle-Call-PhD-Call- Verona-University-2023

Evaluation Committee for the admission process:

  • Consists of three members of the PhD program’s Teaching Committee
  • Nominated by the Teaching Committee and appointed by Rector’s decree
  • May include internal or external local or foreign experts in the field, subject to specific agreements
  • The committee appoints a Chairperson and a Secretary from among its members

Admission process:

  • All applicants are admitted to the competitive admission process under the condition
  • Candidates who do not meet the requirements may be excluded at any time after the application process
  • The purpose is to assess applicants’ prior experience and aptitude for scientific research and ensure a fair comparison of the candidates
  • Selection may be based on applicants’ qualifications and/or an exam and/or an interview, as preferred by the Teaching Committee
  • The interview can require the submission and discussion of a research project
  • The admission process may be held in a foreign language specified in the call for applications if requested by the candidate
  • Oral tests/interviews may take place via the Internet, provided the candidate’s identity is verified

General ranking lists:

  • The general merit ranking list for each Ph.D. program shall be published by Rector’s decree after the tests have been completed and requirements have been verified
  • Foreign students’ academic qualifications obtained abroad may be verified after the ranking lists are published, with a sworn translation requested if not in English
  • The University may ask applicants for documents issued by the Italian diplomatic consuls on-site to prove the validity of the declared qualifications
  • Candidates are admitted to the program in the order of the ranking list until all available places are filled, whether or not a scholarship is offered.

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Final Words

If you’re interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Italy, the 39th cycle of Ph.D. admissions at Verona University offers a unique opportunity to do so with full funding. With a range of Ph.D. programs and a supportive academic environment, Verona University is a great place to undertake advanced research and achieve your academic goals.

So why not apply for the 39th cycle of Ph.D. admissions at Verona University today? The deadline is approaching, so don’t miss this exciting opportunity.


What is the duration of a Ph.D. program at Verona University?

The Ph.D. program at Verona University typically lasts three years, but it can be extended to a fourth year upon request and approval.

What are the admission requirements for the Ph.D. program at Verona University?

The admission requirements may vary depending on the specific Ph.D. program. Still, applicants must generally have a Master’s degree or equivalent, a solid academic record, and proficiency in the language of instruction. Additional requirements may include research experience, a research proposal, and letters of recommendation.

Is it possible to apply for more than one Ph.D. program at Verona University?

Yes, applying for more than one Ph.D. program at Verona University is possible, but applicants must submit a separate application for each program and pay the corresponding application fee.

What is the application process for the Ph.D. program at Verona University?

The application process typically involves submitting an online application form, transcripts and diplomas, a CV, a research proposal, letters of recommendation, and other supporting documents. Applicants may also be required to take an entrance exam or attend an interview. The exact process may vary depending on the program and specific requirements.

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