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If you’re an aspiring researcher seeking unparalleled opportunities for academic excellence and personal growth, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will delve into the exciting world of the University of Turin’s PhD program and explore the myriad benefits it offers to passionate scholars like yourself.

Whether you’re looking to advance your career, expand your knowledge in a specific field, or contribute to groundbreaking research, the University of Turin PhD Call opens doors to a realm of endless possibilities.

The University of Turin, one of the oldest universities globally, is located in the dynamic city of Turin, Italy. It offers a wide range of academic disciplines and promotes a strong research culture. The university is known for its esteemed faculty, who mentor and guide students toward their full potential. Beyond academics, the university provides a vibrant campus life with numerous extracurricular activities.

Turin itself, with its rich history and cultural offerings, adds to the overall educational experience. Overall, the University of Turin is a prestigious institution that nurtures intellectual growth and provides a stimulating environment for students to excel academically and personally.

The University of Turin is accepting applications for admission to the following PhD programs of the 39th cycle, with the assignment of doctoral scholarships funded by the University of Turin or by outside organizations, or under the National Plan of Recovery and Resilience, Mission 4 Component 2 of the NPRR – “From Research to Business,” scholarships referred to the Ministerial Decrees n, 117/2023 and n. 118/2023 within the NPRR funded by the European Union (Next Generation Scholarships).

Subjects of 39th Call – University of Turin PhD Call


University of Turin PhD Call for the 39th call has the following subjects:

              Natural SciencesPure and Applied Mathematics
Computer Science
Earth Sciences
Biological Sciences and Applied Biotechnologies
Chemical and Material Sciences
Sustainable Development and Cooperation (SUSTNET)
Cultural heritage and historical-artistic, audiovisual, and multimedia production
Technology Driven Sciences: Technologies for Cultural Heritage (Tech4Culture)
Pharmaceutical and Biomolecular Sciences
Modeling and Data Science
        Arts and HumanitiesEcogastronomy, Science, and Culture of Food
Archaeological, Historical, and Historical-Artistic Sciences
Digital Humanities. Digital Technologies, Arts, Languages, Cultures, and Communication
Comparative Analysis of Institutions, Economics, and Law
Philosophy – Consortium FINO
          Life and Health SciencesBioengineering and medical and surgical sciences
Complex Systems for Quantitative Biomedicine
Biomedical Sciences and Oncology
Experimental Medicine and Therapy
Food Health and Longevity
Translational Oncology
Veterinary Sciences for Food and Animal Safety
Medical Physiopathology
Molecular Medicine
          Social and Economic SciencesBusiness and Management
Law, Science, and Technology
Economics “Vilfredo Pareto”
Global History of Empires
Innovation for the Circular Economy
Law and Institutions
Law, the Individual, and the Market
Law, the Individual and the Market
Urban and Regional Development
Social and Political Change
Sociology and Methodology of Social Research
Strategic and Legal Sciences of Innovation for Defense and Security
Psychological, Anthropological and Educational Sciences

What are the Admission Requirements for the University of Turin PhD Call?

Participants in this call for admission may be of any nationality and of any age, provided they satisfy one of the criteria listed below:

  • A degree conferred by an Italian university previous to Ministerial Decree 509/99, such as a Laurea (bachelor)
  • A second-level degree (master)  granted by an Italian university (in accordance with Ministerial Decrees 509/99 and 270/04, i.e., a laurea magistrale (LM) or laurea specialistica (LS));
  • A degree granted by an officially recognized foreign university and providing entry to PhD studies

Participants whose degree is supposed to be allotted within the 31st of October 2023.are allowed to apply.

How much is the Scholarship Amount for PhD at the University of Turin?

The PhD scholarship has an annual value of €17,500 (gross amount).  Depending on the granting organization, the PhD scholarship’s yearly award amount may vary.

If the PhD applicant completes the necessary program activities throughout the year and is accepted by the PhD Board for the next year, the scholarship is confirmed annually.

The award is given out on a monthly basis.

For doing research activities abroad as specified in the training plan, the scholarship is increased by 50% for a total of not more than twelve months.

How to submit PhD Application at the University of Turin PhD Call?

For each PhD program, applicants may only submit one application.

Applications can be submitted to multiple PhD programs.

Only the online application platform may be used to submit applications.

Applicants must get registered on the PICA (Piattaforma Integrata Concorsi di Ateneo) platform, or use their SPID credentials (SPID credentials are required for Italian applicants).

The qualifications and documentation specified in the Programme Information Sheet and required by the selected PhD program must be uploaded inside the application. If you are applying to more than one PhD program, each application must be submitted with the necessary credentials and documentation. Each and every document must be uploaded in PDF format.

The application must be finished, downloaded, signed, and then re-uploaded into the platform using the procedures provided in the online method. Exclusion from the selection is justified in the absence of a signature and/or an identity certificate.

Application signing is not required if accessing the online platform using SPID credentials. The application will then be registered to verify submission at the end. The “MyPICA” personal webpage on the PICA platform allows applicants to check the status of their application.

What are the Admission Application fees for the University of Turin PhD Call?

For each application that is filed, a fee of €50.00 is required. It is required that you pay this.

Before submitting the application, payment must be made.

Under any circumstances, including failure to submit the application, the amount paid for participation in the selection will not be refunded.

Admission, Selection, and Ranking Process to Apply

According to the standards established in the PhD program, the entrance exam, which evaluates the applicant’s attitude toward scientific research, will be conducted as per Information Sheet. 

If the PhD program Information Sheet lists any scholarships tied to particular research projects or topics, the Examining Board might make an assessment of eligibility for the assignment of those scholarships by taking into account the applicants’ unique skills, aptitudes, and experiences.

On the “Bando” page of the Doctoral School website, starting from the final merit ranking lists of accepted applicants will be posted.

Interview Dates: 24th July 2023

Interview Dates for later applications: 7th September 2023

What is the Deadline to Apply at Roma Tre University Call for PhD?

The deadline for PhD admission at the University of Turin is the 7th of July 2023 at 12.00 (noon) in Central Europe Summertime.

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Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, if you are an aspiring researcher looking for exceptional opportunities in academic excellence and personal growth, the University of Turin PhD Call is your gateway to a world of possibilities. With its diverse range of academic disciplines, strong research culture, and esteemed faculty, the university provides a stimulating environment for intellectual development.

Moreover, the vibrant campus life and cultural offerings of Turin enhance the overall educational experience. The University of Turin is currently accepting applications for the PhD programs of the 39th cycle, offering doctoral scholarships funded by various sources.

The deadline to apply for this exciting opportunity is July 7, 2023, at 12.00 (noon) Central Europe Summertime.

Don’t miss out on the chance to advance your career, expand your knowledge, and contribute to groundbreaking research at the prestigious University of Turin. Apply now and unlock a future filled with academic growth and achievement.

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